Structural Designer

Structural Focus is seeking motivated newly-graduated structural designers with a Master's degree. We require excellent engineering and communication skills coupled with a desire to serve clients. If you are interested in working on historic buildings, movie studio facilities, commercial buildings, laboratory facilities and other projects, please submit a resume and cover letter.

Design Engineer

Structural Focus is seeking motivated structural designers with 1 to 3 years of building design experience. A Master's degree is preferred. We require excellent engineering and communication skills coupled with a desire to serve clients.

Project Engineer

Structural Focus is looking for motivated Project Engineers with 3 to 8 years of experience in the design and evaluation of buildings. A P.E. is required but an S.E. is preferred for this position. We place a high value on the ability to work collaboratively with the project team. The engineer must have the ability and desire to see the big picture rather than just focus on the details. Job responsibilities include preparing engineering design calculations and construction documents, as well as carrying out construction administration functions. The engineer will also fill a supervisory role, overseeing the day-to-day tasks of junior technical staff. He/she will also coordinate with the CAD staff to prepare design drawings.

How to Apply

Please use our online contact form to submit a brief message, your resume, and a cover letter.

Training/Continuing Education

Continuing education is a priority at Structural Focus. For structural engineers, the learning never stops. We believe that professional development is essential to the ongoing success of our company; it helps one develop a broader understanding of the field and stay current with what is new and developing in the industry. Structural Focus encourages attending dinner meetings, technical seminars, and joining professional organizations and committees. We also have lunchtime presentations and seminars.

Innovative changes are constantly being made to construction processes, the products and materials used, and overall design methodologies. We make it our responsibility to be proficient in all aspects of structural engineering so that we can provide our clients with equally innovative solutions to their projects.


Our comprehensive benefits package includes:

Full Medical coverage that includes employee health insurance, dental and life and partial coverage for spouse and family.

Long Term Care Benefits.

A 401k plan will be available for your participation, as well as a profit-sharing plan based on the firm’s profitability.

Assistance with your Continuing Education including eight hours of paid time per year and payment of all approved seminar and conference registration fees.

Vacation and sick leave are combined into paid time off or PTO. We believe this provides more flexibility and allows more vacation time for the average employee. Your PTO will accrue over time.

*We also observe eight holidays off per year: seven major holidays plus one floating day off.

Work Schedule

Flexibility is key for Southern California residents.

We understand that everyone has a different schedule and lifestyle. Some events like a doctor’s appointment or a tough morning commute are unavoidable. Thus we work to provide our employee’s with flexible schedules.

Connectivity from home also help make flexible schedules possible.

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